Benefits of Merino Wool

MMerino wool is a natural fiber that is grown by merino sheep. Our merino sheep live in wide open spaces in Australia & New-Zealand. The merino wool is soft and thin compared to regular wool. This makes merino wool perfect to wear on your skin. There’s many benefits to merino wool, let’s dive in!

Why Merino Wool for Knitwear?

To create the perfect Italian knitwear you have to work with the best materials. Merino wool is perfect for clothing regardless of the season. Each merino wool fiber helps to regulate body temperature while also transporting sweat away as air vapor. These qualities also help to reduce body odors. The most important thing is of course, comfort. The merino wool we use is extra-fine merino wool. This makes our knitwear extremely soft on the skin. No itching, period!

The Benefits of Merino Wool

It's a Natural Material

Merino wool is composed of animo acids and other natural compounds. It’s a natural fiber growing on sheep, who grow four to five pounds of wool every year. Sheep have evolved for years to be comfortable in harsh environments. This natural evolution ensures warmth and comfort. As wool is a natural material, it also degrades naturally in the environment. No microplastics from wool!

Wool Regulates Body Temperature

Merino wool is great at keeping your body at a stable temperature. With cold weather, the natural fibers trap air. This insulates you, keeping you nice and warm. Conversely, with warm weather, it transports sweat away from your skin, keeping you cool.

Wool is Protective Against Body Odors

Merino wool has the amazing ability to absorb the odors caused by bacteria. Merino wool traps the smell and keeps it from building up. Merino wool knitwear can therefore be worn longer without smelling. The material also barely needs washing. If you hang it outside to air out, it’s as good as new.

Our Merino Wool is Extra Fine

Our merino wool is super soft compared to traditional wool like lambswool for example. Our wool fibers are very thin and therefore cause no itching on the skin. Compared to other wools, when extra-fine merino wool brushes against your skin, it bends away. This is why it’s super soft on the skin. No itching, period. 

Our Nero Black classic in a Café in Florence

Merino Wool is Easily Biodegradable

Sheep have roamed the earth for more than 20,000 years. Merino wool is a natural material that degrades after 12 months in the ground. When your knitwear is done for, the earth will take back the natural materials back into the soil.

Merino Wool gives UPF Protection

Sheep naturally needed protection from the sun. Some merino wool therefore helps block out harmful rays from the sun.

Merino wool is Fire-Resistant

If your knitwear catches fire it will not melt down into your skin like Nylon and Polyester. Additionally cotton burns at 255 °C, merino only starts burning at 590°C.

Merino Wool is Easily Recyclable

Besides being biodegradable, wool is great to recycle. It’s one of the most used materials to reuse in sustainable products like clothing and furniture.

Merino Wool is Renewable

Sheep regrow their wool every year, this makes wool a great renewable source of clothing. The sheep are treated properly and have plenty of room to roam the fields in Australia & New-Zealand.

Merino Wool Maintains Color

Some colorful knitwear made of cotton, polyester or other materials fade when exposed to the sun. Merino wool won’t ever fade, whatever color you choose.

We love Merino Wool, and we hope you do too! Give merino wool a try, it’s the perfect material for knitwear.

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