The lanolin in our 100% extra-fine Merino wool means you won’t have to wash your knitwear that often. Merino wool has built-in antibacterial agents that, with some fresh air, will get rid of odors overnight.

If you're picking up some less-than-pleasant odors from your knitwear, just let it air outside overnight and it'll be ready to wear again.

Washing your Knitwear

When you do need to wash your knitwear, make sure you…

    1. Use the laundry bag that came with your order
    2. Use wool detergent
    3. Hand wash or use the wool wash settings at 65°F-85°F (or 30° Celsius)
    4. Max 400-600 rpm spin cycle
    5. If still wet, try an extra spin cycle at 400 rpm.

What not to do

    • Do not use fabric softener
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not use bleach, it will damage the color of the sweater
    • Do not wash at temperatures lower or higher than 65°F-85°F (30° Celsius), because it will shrink your sweater

Drying your Knitwear

    • Use a drying rack and lay the sweater flat on the full surface of the rack.
    • If the sweater is heavy from the water, lay it flat on a towel to dry.
    • Don’t use a hanger, this could warp your turtleneck's modern fit and texture.
    • Don’t use a dryer! It will shrink your sweater

Ironing your Knitwear

When washed, Merino wool can sometimes revert to its natural state. In its natural state, it can seem like the turtleneck has shrunk. Ironing can help get your turtleneck back in shape. 

    • Iron using the wool setting on lowest temperature
    • Use a little steam if possible to help reshape the sweater
    • Do not iron the cuffs and hemlines of the sweater

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