We believe quality and durability are the two key elements that make the best knitwear. That's why we use only the highest quality wool and the finest yarns, to produce our knitwear in the best country

The best wool
It all starts with the best wool: 100% extra-fine Merino wool. It's the softest, finest wool in existence and gives our knitwear both warmth and breath-ability. The Merino wool is collected from Merino sheep in Australia. We are committed to animal welfare and the environment, and they're both factors we focus on when buying our wool. Want to learn more? Contact us.
Yarns spun in Italy
In Italy, the wool is transformed into high-quality yarn. Creating top-quality Merino yarn requires a special technique perfected by Filfivivi, a company based in Montecchio, Italy. They've been crafting Merino yarns since 1817 and are known worldwide as the best in the industry. We chose to work with them because we wanted the highest possible quality.

Yarns in Italian Factory
Production in Italy
After the wool is spun into top-quality yarn, final production is done in Italy, where they create consistently high-quality knitwear that you won't find anywhere else. We produce with family owned factories in Italy that have been making the finest knitwear for many generations.

Knitwear Factory in Italy - True MerinoWeaving our Fabrics
This is how we create the fabrics that make up our knitwear. The machines weave different pieces of fabric for the torso and arms.

Weaving the merino wool fabrics

Those fabrics are then linked together by Italian artisans.

Weaving of merino wool fabricsLabelling & Steaming
The final touch is labelling and steaming.The knitwear is steamed to guarantee ultimate softness, producing a soft finish you'll feel the first time you wear your sweater.

Labelling the knitwear - True Merino

Steaming of luxury knitwearOnce the labelling and steaming process is complete, the knitwear is ready for its journey to your doorstep.

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